Platform Updates

Our goal is to make Marketing 360 the #1 marketing platform® for small businesses. To make that happen, we update the platform often with new features and improvements. Stay up to date with the latest & greatest by viewing our release timeline below.

January 25th

CRM Organizations

The Marketing 360 CRM has a new option to group contacts together by their associated organization. Grouping contacts by organization allows business owners to easily manage B2B relationships and see the contacts that are in the same organization, all in one place.

January 10th

Enhanced Users and Permissions

Marketing 360® customers now have more options when it comes to adding coworkers, teammates and contractors to their Marketing 360 account. Turn individual app access on and off and customize users' CRM access with advanced CRM permissions.

January 7th

A New Way To Manage Notifications

Now, users who manage multiple Marketing 360 accounts can control what accounts they receive notifications for, and what notifications they wish to receive.

January 4th

Take A One-Time Payment Using A Card Reader

Now, Marketing 360 Payments customers that have a card reader associated with their Payments account can accept card-present transactions using the One-time payments tool.

December 16

New Content Settings Page

We added a new settings page to the Content app where users can easily connect their Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts.

Improved Integrations Page

We've improved our Integrations page to make it easier for users to maintain their account integrations across various apps in Marketing 360®. Now, users have a better view of what platforms can connect to Marketing 360, and what Apps are using these platforms.

Ads App Data Update

Due to platform changes and data policies, we updated the Ads app to make our reporting more accurate and consistent across Marketing 360 and Facebook's Ad Manager. Now, users will see ad placement metrics for Facebook and Instagram reported within the same channel.

November 19

New Duplicate Blog Posts Feature

Now, Websites 360® users can duplicate blog posts to make creating new blogs with custom styling easier and quicker.

November 2

New Direct Connection to Google My Business and Facebook Lets Customers Easily Manage Their Online Business Information

Our new direct connection with Google My Business and Facebook lets customers control important business details such as their address, hours of operation and contact information on Google My Business and Facebook, right from the Marketing 360 settings page.

October 25

Upload M360 Files into Social Posts

Now, Marketing 360 users can easily upload images from their Social Posts image folder and the Banner Builder into their social posts. This makes it faster and easier to add existing images from M360 files to social posts.

October 19

Now It’s Easier To Connect Ad Accounts to the Ads App

Customers are now able to connect their ad accounts, change connected ad accounts, and reauthorize ad accounts, directly from the Ads app by using the connection tool in the new Ads Settings page.

October 14

Key Performance Indicator Updates

We made improvements to the way we collect and aggregate data, making our KPI reporting even more accurate and easy to understand in Marketing 360®’s Intelligence and Ads apps.

September 15

Choose What CRM Email Field To Use In Your Email Marketing Lists

Many businesses utilize multiple email fields within their CRM. Now, you can choose what email field to assign to an email marketing list, allowing for further customization of the CRM to create more targeted email marketing campaigns.

August 26

New Social Calendar Makes Scheduling Posts and Managing Social Campaigns More Intuitive

We listened to user feedback to create a new Social calendar feature that makes managing your social media easier. See your social posts in monthly, weekly or daily views to quickly and effectively fill gaps in your posting schedules, evaluate posts across all supported profiles, and edit posts with ease.

August 19

Scheduling Just Got Easier With New Pay Now Feature

Save time and reduce no-shows by accepting payment during the booking process. This new feature in the Scheduling app gives you the ability to easily accept payment while booking a service.

New "Take Payment" Button in Payments App

We've created a more streamlined way to initiate the payment type you need from within the Payments app. Now, whenever you're logged into the Payments app, you'll see a new Take Payment button that will let you process the payment type you need, fast. This button will trigger from wherever you are in the Payments app and allow you to quickly process a one time payment, create an invoice or start a subscription.

July 22

Faster Options For Removing Contacts From The CRM

Moving your contacts from one CRM to another can get tricky. Many CRM's have their own formatting for spreadsheets, different required fields, and so on. As a result, sometimes you just need to delete anything that was improperly imported and try again. Sound familiar? Well that very task is easier than ever in Marketing 360 thanks to new options to filter contacts or make specific selections, then bulk delete.

July 13

View Your Customers' Purchases In Their CRM Contact Profile

This new tab in the CRM contact profile gives you the ability to view sales from any payment form built in Marketing 360 to see customers' past purchases, most frequently purchased products and gain a better understanding of your most profitable products and services.

Total Spend Metric Now Included in Ads Overview To Help You Plan Your Marketing Budget

Make more informed decisions about how to allocate your budget for your future marketing plans thanks to the new 'total spend' tab. This new metric allows you to visualize your total spend across any platform when viewing ad performance on the Overview page of the Ads app.

Jump Straight To Booking Forms From The Scheduling App

The Scheduling app now includes an easier way to jump straight into the Forms builder where you can quickly create new booking forms that allow your customers to book your services right from your website.

July 6

Published page added to Social app

The Social app now includes an easier way to review posts that have been published on your social media profiles from Marketing 360. Prior to the update, you would have to view each of your individual profiles to see what's been published. Now you can save time and energy by using the Published page to stay on top of your social marketing strategy.

Sort Regional Traffic in the Intelligence App

Need to really dig into the details when looking at your site traffic by region? Great news! You can now sort any column of the regional data in the Site Analytics page of the Intelligence app to get a better feel for how well your website is performing for customers in different geographical areas.

June 28

The Social App Is Better Than Ever!

We updated the social app with a great new look and feel that makes it easier than ever to reach your customers on social media with engaging content. See a live preview as you build your social media in real time with the new and improved post editor. Add hashtags, use @ mentions, and more!

June 14

New Clarification Added To Help Manage Duplicate Listings

We learned that some customers were unclear about the process for suppressing duplicate listings in the Marketing 360 Listings app. To help out, we added a brief explanation of the suppression process to help you stay confident while managing the info the Listings app sends to over 50 of the top listings sites and platforms.

Finding the Right Industry Category For Your Business: Now Easier Than Ever!

Marketing 360 is a great option for businesses in over 700 industry categories. For that reason, selecting the best one for your business can be a little daunting. To make it easier to select the best category for your business, we added a link to the Business Locations settings page where you can view a full list of categories available from

June 3

New Details Added To Social Settings Page

We included some new details to help you manage your connected social media accounts in the Social app. Now when you view the Social Accounts page, you'll see some helpful new details that let you know which accounts are enabled for posting, reports, and more!

Pre-select Form Options To Save Your Customers Time And Clicks

We included some slick new options to make Marketing 360 Forms more versatile and user-friendly for your customers. You can now pre-select a specific checkbox option when you build the form to save your customers time and clicks while they're submitting your forms.

June 2

Automatically Sync Payments to QuickBooks Online From The Payments App

Great news for QuickBooks Online users! You can now integrate QBO with Marketing 360 Payments and save time on your accounting and bookkeeping.

The connection process takes just seconds and once you're all set up, Marketing 360 Payments will automatically sync past and future transactions to your QBO account.

May 17

New Payment Options for WordPress Sites

We launched Marketing 360® Payments for Gravity Forms, a new plugin in the WordPress plugin directory that allows any SMB with a WordPress site and Gravity Forms to safely and securely process form payments and take advantage of Marketing 360’s Payments app and the rest of the marketing and business management tools in Marketing 360®.

May 5

Apple Pay and Google Pay Now Available for Websites 360® Shop App

Customers that use Apple Pay or Google Pay on their smartphones can now check out from in a single click with the addition of these two new payment options in the Websites 360 Shop App.

April 28

New settings pages and setup helpers in Reputation and Listings

The Reputation app got a new settings page within the app that gives you easier ways to access review management tools and the new 'premium info' that was launched last month. We also included some updated screens on the premium info settings to help guide you through setting it all up. Depending on where you are in the setup process, you'll now see more details on what your next steps.

April 20

Payment Forms For Customer Payments On Websites

If you're using Marketing 360 Payments, you now have the option to create forms that customers can use to pay for products or services with a variety of new product fields in the form builder. They'll also be able to pay an invoice or make a donation with the user-defined product options. Not only are payment forms easy to build and use, they're integrated with the rest of the tools in Marketing 360 like Intelligence and CRM!

Customizable Form Buttons

We added a nice option to customize the submit button on any form. Whether you're using forms to sign customers up for your email newsletter, giving them options to inquire about the services you offer, or letting them pay for products or services, you've now got the option to add a more enticing submit button to the form to increase conversions.

New Reports in the Content App

The Content Overview page has been streamlined with a new look & feel to help customers focus on the metrics that matter most.

In the Pages and Keywords sections, the visual graphs at the top of the page now include more intuitive filtering options to keep you in tune with the traffic our content is driving to websites. The updated table and graph are now linked for improved data filters across key metrics: average ranking, impressions, clicks, and click through rate.

Need to check on the performance of one page or keyword? We've got you covered there, too. Just click Performance Details to take a deep dive into the key metrics.

Instagram Now Available for Posting & Insights

Currently, there are over 1.16 billion users on Instagram, and we've made it easier than ever to connect with them by added Instagram to the social app so you can schedule posts and gain insights into your followers.

March 29

Premium Business Info Now Included In Listings App

New 'premium business info' fields have been added to the Listings app that you can take advantage of to add valuable, timely details to your business profile that gets synced to listings sites and platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Amazon Alexa, and so on.

There are handy 'business description' and 'featured message' fields for timely info like COVID updates, as well as new fields for featured videos, reservation links, app downloads, and more.

The more details you add, the better your profiles should perform in searches and customers that find you on listings sites will learn more about your business.

Win, win!

March 8

The Scheduling app is live!

Scheduling is a new app in Marketing 360® for booking appointments and managing your daily schedules.

With Scheduling, your customers can book one-time appointments from a booking form on your website or your in-house staff can easily book appointments for anyone that calls in, making Scheduling a great tool for businesses of any size.

February 24

New Data in Organic Traffic Reports

The Organic Traffic Report has been updated to include stats that are better aligned with the data from Google Analytics like Goal Completions rather than conversions, and Sessions rather than clicks.

In addition to updating the data, there's a fresh new look to the report that cleans everything up and includes time frame selections like many of the other reports.

Account Settings Updates

The daylight savings setting was relocated from its previous location in Other Settings to Business Info section. The location settings also moved from Business Info to a new menu tab in global settings called Locations.

What are all these settings updates about!? They're both in preparation for some great new improvements to the Reputation and Listings apps. Stay tuned!

Streamlined SMS Verification

Verifying info while signing up for a Marketing 360 account got a few clicks easier with a nice interface update for mobile users. It's the little things, right?

App Visibility Updates

Now that all the other settings have been removed from Other Settings, the name of the Other Settings in global settings to App Visibility to more clearly define what settings are displayed on that page.

January 28

Intelligence Nav Order Changes

The order of the pages in the Intelligence app have been re-organized for easier navigating.

Ads Key Metrics Tool Tips

You can now gain more insights into the key metrics in the Ads app with some handy new tooltips that explain the data more clearly.

Import Contacts Modal Improvements

Importing contacts into the CRM got a bit easier with an updated flow that makes things more intuitive.

January 25

Bing Ad Previews added to Ads

You can now view visual previews of your Bing Ads in the Ads app in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. This gives you the ability to see what ad designs are getting the best results and make smarter decisions about the new ads you create!

January 20

The Shop App is live on the dashboard!

the Shop App has a new home in Marketing 360! Now any customers with an active Shop that use Marketing 360 Payments to process transactions in their stores can login to their Shop App dashboard directly from Marketing 360.

January 7

Email Verification for New Users

When users sign up for a new Marketing 360 account via the website, we've got a new and improved system in place to allow them to verify their email address. The same verification will happen whenever an account adds a new user.

Updated Plans & Pricing Page

The information on the Plans & Pricing page in Marketing 360 has been updated with better details to better communicate the features included at each plan level.

Settings Link Moved to the App Menu

Now that all the app-specific settings have been moved into their respective page navigations, the settings that apply to the account overall have been moved into the App Menu. This leaves only user-specific items like user info and notifications in the profile menu.

Support PIN number added to dashboard

Marketing 360 users now see their support pin on the dashboard, giving them easy access to our Support team.

CRM bugs squashed on Tags and file uploads

The team squashed a couple pesky bugs in the CRM that were causing issues uploading files or attaching tags to contacts.

December 21

Ad Previews

The Ads app now has options to see ad previews of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad campaigns from the campaigns page.

Maintenance screen added for all apps

When code updates and maintenance are underway, there's a handy new 'maintenance screen' to keep anyone from accessing an app while it's being worked on. This eliminates the possibility of incorrectly saving new data while updates are in the works.

Bug Fixes and Technical Updates

You're not likely to notice these minor improvements in your day-to-day use, but the engineers made further progress updating the users & permissions system behind the scenes. It's nerdy, but important.

December 16

Facebook Ad Settings Removed

Settings were overly complicated and not getting used.

Scheduling & CRM Contact

Updates were made to the process that allows the Scheduling app to create new contacts in the CRM. Contacts with duplicate names are no longer allowed.

Bug Fixes

  • calendar: upgrade react-big-calendar
  • global: make sure that setupStatus has a step, when not declared from backend.
  • settings: fix redirect url parsing in settings

December 9

The Calendar is Now Located in the CRM

The Calendar app was initially a stand-alone app, but since it's primary focus is to display CRM tasks, it's been relocated to the CRM app. You can find it in the page navigation! Stay tuned though, we're planning to build app-specific calendars for more of the apps to help keep everything organized, then re-launch the stand-alone calendar that compiles it all!

Global Settings Page Redesign

The Global Settings page has a new look & feel that is more consistent with the rest of the app settings. This is especially helpful for mobile users.

New data in the weekly email digest

The email now includes more robust Reputation data too, especially for customers with more than one location. Rating Score, Total New Reviews, and Average Rating metrics are now included for all customers, and the top 5 locations are now displayed for anyone with multiple business locations.

Scheduling App Updates

The Scheduling app continues to be refactored and streamlined behind the scenes prior to its full release in late December.

December 2

Reputation status cards

The status cards that are displayed when the app is pending or not found have been updated to match the ones used in the Listings app.

Users & Permissions

The user permission rules used behind the scenes of Marketing 360 were updated.

Terms of Service Modal Display

The mechanics behind displaying the Terms of Service modal were updated to no longer show the modal on consecutive pages after they are agreed to by the user.

Listings App Updates

The Listings app now checks both the full state name and the abbreviation entered by the user when submitting their business location.

The Listings app setup was also updated to send the user back to step 2 of the Listings app setup, where they have the opportunity to sync their business, either created through step 1 of the Listings setup, or during the Reputation setup.

November 18

Automated Email Templates & Journeys for Smart Start

Email templates and journeys are now automatically for Smart Start accounts during the account creation process.

New videos on the Unlock pages

The Unlock pages displayed to users with free trial accounts now include new videos to show off what each app can do for small business owners.

New Plans & Pricing page

The Plans & Pricing pages also include a personalized message from the Marketing Consultant and a streamlined way for users to schedule a live demo with a Marketing Consultant.

Scheduling: Coming Soon!

More improvements are happening behind the scenes in the Marketing 360® Scheduling app, bringing it one step closer to release. Stay tuned!

November 12

New icon for completed CRM tasks on calendar

A ‘task completed’ icon has been added to the initial calendar view to keep everyone up to speed on the status of CRM tasks.

New provisioning screen added to the CRM & Listings apps

When users sign up for an account on, some time is needed to fully build the new account and activate the apps. A new screen is displayed while the CRM or listings apps are in the process of provisioning to keep users from viewing them before completion.

Users now notified when creating second account with identical email

If a user attempts to create a second Marketing 360 account using an email address already in use, they'll now see a helpful notice message letting them know an account already exists and encouraging them to login.

New lead flow for Top Rated Local

Top Rated Local users who want to manage/claim their business listing are now routed through the same Create Account lead flow as all other sources. That means we're saying goodbye to the /signup page on the app in favor of a higher quality lead experience.

Numerous Improvements in the Scheduling beta app

Many small but important issues were resolved as we continue to refine the upcoming Scheduling app.

Other Various Bug Squashing

There were some other very technical (very nerdy) issues addressed behind the scenes. Most were so insignificant that you likely never noticed them.

October 21

Settings relocation is complete!

The settings menus for the Ads and Social app have been migrated into each respective app’s page navigation to make settings easier to update and further de-clutter the global settings page in the profile menu.

Bug Fix 🐞 Better error handling for Listings

The Listings app now displays a few different screens when locations don’t sync correctly. These messages should help you better troubleshoot before sending in a support ticket.

Bug Fix 🐞 Consistent data in Content

The Content app fixed the data on the Overview, Keywords and Traffic pages. It makes the tables easier to read and the charts and graphs more consistent.

New Calendar app improvements 🗓

The Calendar app features a new date picker with a monthly view. The “today” navigation and the period selector drop down switched sides of the app – two changes we definitely think you can handle.

Removed the ability to add new CRM tasks from the Calendar

You can no longer create a new CRM task from the Calendar app directly. You’ll have to go to the CRM app to create something, but you can still view it all in the Calendar itself.

October 14, 2020

Intelligence Settings moved

The Intelligence Settings pages are on the run. Now you can stay within the Intelligence app to navigate to Settings like Call Tracking, Intelligence email notifications, tracked domains and the info you need to connect your website leads and sales to Intelligence.

Plans & Pricing page updates

Users in a Free Account can learn more about the full platform via the Plans & Pricing page, including details about every app and our dedicated team services.

Bug Fix 🐞 Access email without Text set up

The team fixed a bug that allows users to access the Nurture Email app even if they don’t have the Text app set up yet.

October 7, 2020

New Marketing 360 website launched

The new Marketing 360 website was launched with an all new automated signup form that creates new accounts in the platform for new customers. One small step for a website form, one giant leap in our quest for full DIY customer support!

New indicator arrows added to the Period Reports

New indicator arrows were added to the Period Reports page in the Intelligence app to help make seeing trends in data faster and easier.

Weekly Digest Report - Period Comparisons

We heard the feedback about how it’s hard to put the data from the Weekly Digest Report into perspective, so the team added in some arrows and data to visually show increase, decrease or the same data between this week’s report and the previous period.

Weekly Digest Report - Payments

For customers using the Marketing 360 Payments app, the weekly report features how many transactions you processed and the total revenue for the previous 30 days.

Content strategy task details

Clients investing fuel into the Marketing 360 Content strategy with our managed services can now see a fully transparent task log of new content, optimizations and how the budget was spent on the Content Strategy page.

Content strategy menu reorganized

The Content Strategy is now reorganized into a menu that is easier to understand the different approaches to A+ content marketing: strategy, technical SEO, long-form content ideas and more.

September 30, 2020

Holiday Templates in Banner Builder

A new category of ‘Holiday’ templates was added to the Banner Builder in the Creative app to make creating graphics for holiday promotions quick and easy.

Storing Three Years of Data

The reporting apps in Marketing 360 (such as Intelligence, Ads and Content) will store data for up to three years. All accounts that upgraded from our previous 2.0 version will now have all previous data from the past three years, and it’ll keep up with that three-year pace moving forward.

Bug Fixes and Tech Improvements

The engineers have been heads-down focused (see also: 🎧 + ☕) on fixes and features that fall beneath the surface of Marketing 360 but will surely make you happier that you don’t notice them anymore.

September 23, 2020

Payments - Products & Subscriptions

Key Metric Sorting on Pages Insights

Sort the Intelligence Site Analytics Pages Insights metrics per column to view your data in ascending or descending order. This makes it easier to quickly see which pages on your website work and which don’t.

Customized CRM Projects and Deals in Reporting

If you customized the name of projects or deals in the CRM, then you’ll see those same customized names on the reporting page so that everything stays consistent for your business management.

CRM Color Swatch Changes Noted in History

You can use color tags on contacts in the CRM to stay organized however you like. Now, if you change a color tag on a contact, that update will be noted in the History log for future reference.

September 16, 2020

Integrating the Websites 360 Shop App and Marketing 360 Payments

Marketing 360 Payments is now officially live in the Websites 360 Shop App! When customers make purchases in the Shop App, they’ll be able to checkout securely and easily using the Marketing 360 Payment gateway and the purchases will be tracked in the E-commerce page of the Payments app.

Payments - Products

Create products with easy to use recurring billing options in the new Products page in Marketing 360 Payments app for services, membership options, or anything else that requires recurring payments from customers.

Payments - Subscriptions

The Subscriptions feature allows you to create custom subscription options for customers to make recurring payments for products and services. Complete with built-in options to adjust tax rates, set up free trials, and more!

Intelligence - Sort Site Analytics Metrics

Sort the Intelligence Site Analytics metrics per column to view your data in ascending or descending order. This makes it easier to quickly see what works and what doesn’t. Right now, it’s live for all Site Analytics pages except Pages, which is still in progress.

Filter Ad Campaigns by Status

Wondering which Ad campaigns are active or paused? Use the filters on the campaigns list to view campaigns by these separate statuses or them all together.

Clarifying Jargon in the Content App

The Content app clarifies the jargon by updating the app to more clearly describe that the Content app is all about organic impressions, clicks and conversions.

September 9, 2020

Weekly Email Digest Released 📬

The Weekly Report from Marketing 360 is a performance report about your business. It’s a high-level insight into the past 30 days of business and marketing data from Marketing 360 – delivered straight to your inbox. This update is delivered every Wednesday.

Conversion Paths table made sortable 📊

You can now sort the Conversion Paths table in the Intelligence app to make it easier to find the most common methods customers are using to find your website. This is the first of many updates to make all Intelligence reports sortable.

Listings - Platform filters 📈

In the Listings app, you can filter by Platform to quickly navigate to the specific platforms you want to see. Search for the exact platform and select as many as you want.

Bugs🐞 & Technical Fixes

We cleaned up some data in the reporting apps to make them more accurate, updated some styles to make a better experience for users on smaller monitors and changed the way we handle errors on the Listings app for easier understanding.

September 2, 2020

Listings Improvements

The Listings app updated the design and added more details for the Overview page, including high-level reporting of different platform statuses, details about why a platform isn’t “live” and duplicates detection. You can then manage possible duplicates on the new Duplicates page to clean up confusing data from connected platforms.

Account Integrations

Connect your own reporting accounts to platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, just to name a few. These new integrations will allow you to fully access apps like Intelligence, Ads and Content so that you can leverage website analytics, ad performance, search engine rankings, and more.

Relocated Reputation Settings

The Reputation settings were relocated into a new Settings page in the app itself. Since editing business info works across multiple apps, you’ll still find that information in the Business Info settings. Otherwise, Reputation-specific settings will be in this new Settings page in the Reputation app itself.

Migrations are Complete!

As of this week, all clients previously on the old versions of Marketing 360 have been upgraded to the latest version of our singular platform! Shout out to all of the engineers who made this massive project possible. 🥂

August 26, 2020

New Page: Intelligence - Marketing Overview

The new Intelligence – Overview page provides a high-level view of metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions across the different channels like Content or Ads. You can also see trends in clicks and conversions over time in the breakdown graph.

New Site Analytics: Date/Time Report

The new Day / Time report in the Intelligence app tracks website traffic by date and time, providing insights to when users are most active on your websites. This can help businesses with things like scheduling promotions or social posts for the optimal time for engagement.

New Site Analytics: Source Report

The new Source report in the Intelligence app tracks website traffic by its Origin (think search engines or specific domains) and Medium (think categories like organic search, cost-per-click paid search, or referrals). This provides a wider view of the most effective ways to market your business.

Mobile-Type Widgets for Top Rated Local®

The Reputation app has a new collection of Top Rated Local® widgets specifically for mobile devices. In the new “Mobile Type” section, you can choose the original “pin widget” or one of the three new “tab widgets” that display the Rating Score™, overall rating or total number of reviews. This new type is available for all widgets except the in-line and large widget styles.

CRM Settings Moved

We’re making the CRM settings page more easily accessible by including them in the page navigation. Moving the Settings into the page navigation makes it easier to switch between the CRM app and its settings, saving precious time and energy. It’s the little things, right?

SMS360® Migrated to Marketing 360 Text Marketing

All users who were previously accessing our Text app via are now migrated into Marketing 360 to use the Nurture Text Marketing app.

August 19, 2020

E-Commerce Payments

Marketing 360 Payments is officially ready to track purchases made on Websites 360 Shops and Woo 360 stores! When clients use Marketing 360 Payments to process their online transactions, they’ll add valuable purchase details to contact profiles in the CRM and gain the ability to leverage them for targeted email and text marketing.

One-Time Payments

Today’s release includes one-time payments, a new option for processing quick payments when a line-item invoice isn’t needed.

Use One-Time Payments to securely accept a payment over the phone or while using their smartphone at events, job sites, or anywhere else!

Site Analytics Menu Restructure

The navigation for Intelligence Site Analytics gets a little simpler today. As we build out different reports, they’ll be added directly to the Site Analytics sidebar menu instead of the added step of clicking on the Site Analytics sub-menu before you can get to the report data you really want to see.

Nurture Navigation Updates

We cleaned up the navigation for the Nurture app by removing the additional menu page for Email and Text Marketing. Now, the Nurture navigation goes directly to overview pages when the apps are active and to the unlock screen when they’re not.

August 12, 2020

Site Analytics: Audience by Device

Gain insight about which devices your customers are using to visit and interact with your website. This new Site Analytics page explores the depths of audience data based on the type of device, including desktop, mobile or tablet.

Updated URLs for Text Marketing

To match the branding update from SMS Marketing to Text Marketing, we’ve also updated the URLs to keep things consistent. If you’ve bookmarked any of the pages in the Text Marketing app, update them now! 🔖

August 5, 2020

Conversion Path Analytics

With this new page of insights in Intelligence Analytics, you can track the paths that visitors took before they became a lead or a sale for your business. You can see exactly which channels are effective for growing your business.

Website Page Data Analytics

Get insight into different pieces of website data per page and how your visitors interact. Monitor different periods of time compared to each other for things like views, average time on page, and bounce rate.

Click-to-Call Tracking Settings

Add and edit the correct channels per individual click-to-call tracking numbers. You’ll also be able to see which channel (app) is connected with the app icon for a quick visual reference.

Ads - Campaign Channel Icons

Quickly identify which channel an ad campaign belongs to with the brand icon now displaying next to the campaign name.

Ads - Shopping Campaign Type Insights

The drilldowns for Shopping campaigns provide more detail directly from Google Merchant Center, such as product groups, search terms, and the products themselves.

CRM Teams is Live!

Create teams within the Marketing 360® CRM app to gain control over which of your employees can access different segments of your contacts and various settings in the CRM.

Free Marketing 360® Demo for Top Rated Local Users

If you discovered Marketing 360® through Top Rated Local®, you can now request a free demo of the full platform from one of our Marketing Consultants by selecting “Yes” to the Demo Marketing 360® prompt when setting up your Top Rated Local® profile.

Bug Fix 🐞 Star Favorite Keywords in Content

When you click the star next to a keyword in the Content app, it’ll add that keyword to your Favorites list so you can quickly track the terms you care about most.

July 29, 2020

New Site Analytics Page: Traffic by location

View and analyze reports of traffic going to your website based on a visitor’s location in the world. You can use this data to better understand the demographics of your audience.

“Text Marketing” is the New, Simple Name for SMS

SMS. Text Message Marketing. Texting. So many name options leads to confusion, which is why Marketing 360® is making it simple moving forward. “Text Marketing” is an easy way to talk about the texting technology in the Nurture app. We also cleaned up the navigation to streamline page names between email and text.

Always Display All Ad Campaigns

The Ads app now displays all ad campaigns all the time, even if they are paused or have zero impressions.

Bug Fix 🐞 Content App Seamlessly Integrates with Google Search Console

The data between Google Search Console and the Content app now work together to give a full understanding of your organic marketing insights.

Bug Fix 🐞 Connecting Facebook and Social

The Social app now easily connects to Facebook during the setup wizard process to quickly authenticate Marketing 360® to post to your Facebook.

Bug Fix 🐞 Hide the URL when Posting Images on Facebook

Creating a Facebook post with an image will no longer show the image source URL on the post. It will post the content, image, and hashtags that you create & that’s it!

July 22, 2020

SMS Settings Moved

You can now access the different SMS app settings within the SMS app directly. Starting with the SMS app in Nurture, Marketing 360® is shifting to include the app-specific settings as a separate page within the app itself instead of in one giant settings page. All other apps with settings will follow this pattern soon.

New Subnav Structure for Nurture, Intelligence

Navigating between different pages in Nurture and Intelligence now matches the same pattern as other apps. You can see all of the pages in a subnav instead of a dropdown for faster action between different pages.

Unlock the Listings App by Calling our Team

If you’re using the Reputation app and free version of Marketing 360® only, then we invite you to unlock Listings by calling our team to activate the rest of the platform.

July 15, 2020

Payments is Live for All New Clients!

We are launching Payments as a brand-new app in our suite of products. By combining payments with an already robust platform, business owners can now complete the underwriting process, charge and manage customer payments, apply stored value credits, manage deposits, disputes, e-commerce API keys, and send invoices via email all from their Marketing 360® account.

In-App Guide for Upgraded Accounts

Were you previously using our old version of Marketing 360®? If so, you’ll notice a new Upgrade Checklist on your dashboard when you log in. It’ll walk you through a few quick things to update so that your website, marketing & reporting continue to work well together.

Navigate to the CRM Contact from a Calendar Task

You can now navigate to the contact’s profile in the CRM when you click on their name from the task view in the Calendar app.

Bug Fixes 🐞 & Tech Updates

The launch of the Payments app brings Marketing 360® into version 3.1! Additionally, the team worked hard on some bug fixes and technical updates that are seemingly unnoticeable, except that it all works better and faster and looks more beautiful.

July 8, 2020

Site Analytics: Acquisition by Channel

The first screen for Site Analytics is live inside the Intelligence app. Now you can view the data for Sessions & Goal Completion per marketing channel. Compare it to previous date periods to see how things are changing.

Unsubscribe Surveys for Email Lists

Figure out why subscribers no longer want to get your email content by activating an Unsubscribe Survey for each individual email list. This user info will help you create the content that keeps readers wanting more!

Color Coordination for CRM Tasks on the Calendar

The calendar now displays task colors so you can stay more organized. Easily set a task color in the CRM task itself. If you don’t set a unique color, it will default to the calming Marketing 360® blue.

July 1, 2020

Add “Known Associates” to a CRM contact profile

Keep track of which contacts know each other in your CRM by using the “Known Associates” feature. Contacts will show up on another contact’s profile as a Known Associate when designated that way.

More Detailed Setup Wizard

The setup wizard now covers four steps to successfully get started with SMS marketing. Now, you’ll choose your primary keyword, timezone, email address for notifications, and customize your welcome message.

Update the Primary SMS Keyword

The primary keyword is the word that your customers text to subscribe to your text message journeys. Now, you can change this keyword whenever you want!

Change the Email Address for SMS Notifications

Every time one of your subscribers texts you, Marketing 360® sends you an email notification. Now, you can update which email address receives these notifications in the SMS settings.

Keywords Can Only Use A-Z Characters (Moving Forward)

Moving forward from today’s update, you can only use A-Z characters when creating or updating SMS keywords. This applies to list or journey keywords, too, in addition to the primary keyword. No special characters or numbers anymore! It’ll be easier for your customers to text, too. 🙌

June 24, 2020

Move Individual Social Posts from Drafts to Pending

You can now request that an individual post moves from Drafts to Pending for approval. If you don’t want to send it one at a time, you still have the functionality to select multiple posts and send them all for approval in bulk.

Filter Social Channels from the Scheduled Page

Select which social channels you want to see content from on the Scheduled page in the Social app with the new ability to filter between the different profiles connected.

Improved Organization in Intelligence Period Reports

There’s a lot of marketing data flowing every day. It’s what you do with that data that makes it meaningful. Now, the Intelligence app features the metrics in organized sections: fuel spent, visibility, clickability, convertibility, and other.

Introducing Marketing 360® Actions

Marketing 360® has a lot to set up and connect to use this all-in-one platform at full strength. Now you’ll see different actions presented within the apps that help you make the most out of your subscription. Follow along to Fuel Your Brand®.

June 17, 2020

Activate Facebook Conversion Actions

There are many different types of actions related to Facebook ads that you can track as conversions in the Marketing 360® Intelligence app. You can toggle on the actions that are meaningful for your ads on Facebook in the Ads app Settings.

Trouble Loading the App? Try Refresh

When we can tell that it’s taking a long time to load the Marketing 360® app, we give you a button to let us retry. We’ve got to keep trying!

Bug Fix 🐞CRM Pagination

Now when you update or delete a row or contact in the CRM, the pagination reflects the correct data.

Bug Fixes 🐞 & The Catch-All

Whether it was a typo (whoops) or some refactoring of code, there was a lot of work done behind the scenes this week that make the app run more smoothly. Enjoy!

June 10, 2020

Reputation - Location Switcher Improvements

Now, you will see the business name & address along with a search functionality that makes it even easier to find the exact location you need to manage next.

Add & Edit Location Nav from Reputation

Navigate to the Settings pages to add or edit your Reputation & Top Rated Local® locations from the Reputation app. It’ll save you a few clicks to stay more productive.

Create CRM Contact Fields in the "Import Contacts" Screen

Importing CRM contacts using a CSV? There may be info in the CSV that doesn’t match the CRM fields you currently have set up. Now, you can create a custom field immediately from the import screen (up to 20 fields). No more back & forth — yes!

Creative App Visibility Based on Permissions

The “user” role in Marketing 360® doesn’t allow you to create or submit a Creative team to-do to our pros. So, now those pages are hidden for these users because why look at it if you can’t touch it?!

Cleaned Up Some Verbiage

There were some messages used throughout the apps that weren’t very consistent with each other.

Bug Fix 🐞 Intelligence Reporting for Other Sources

The Intelligence overview now displays beautiful pie-chart graphs when the only reported source is Other.

Bug Fix 🐞 Ads Campaign Drilldown Names

There was a time when some Google Ad names were not displaying in the Ads app for Campaign Drilldowns. Now the time has passed & you’ll see the correct campaign names.

Other Tech Debt & 🐞 Fixes

As usual, there was plenty of work completed that isn’t noticeable on the UI, but you’ll be happier as thinks work more smoothly in the background.

June 3, 2020

Intelligence Settings for Leads & Sales Inbox Notifications

There is a special, unique email address you can add to your website to successfully track Leads & Sales within the Intelligence app. Copy this email address & be on your way.

I Spy New Dashboard Updates

Do you see that nice texture in the dashboard background? It’s nice! We also added in the account name above the welcome message so you can quickly identify the current account. This is helpful whenever you need to connect with our Customer Success team.

Credit Updates for Brand Rep & Custom Video Projects

The video team updated credit pricing for the Brand Representative Videos to 600 Credits and the Custom Project to 4,800 Credits.

‘How to Sync Your Emails with the CRM’ Clarity

Now the CRM app will pull in the email you need to use to successfully accomplish this task!

Urgent Creative Project Notifications

When you’re in need of a creative project right away, you can request the to-do from our team of pros to complete urgently. When you request it urgently, it’ll be back in your hands in 2 business days, but it’ll be twice the price to jump the line.

Bug Fixes 🐞 & Other Fun Nerdy Stuff

Some of the bugs fixed touched the CRM, Banner Builder, and Nurture + CRM Lists. It’ll all work much better today. Plus, we had a good week full of technical work to push live to the world. Enjoy!

May 27, 2020

Ads campaigns page now features sorting options for each column

Sort your campaigns by Impressions, Clicks/Engagements, Conversions, Budget, or Fuel Spent to see which campaigns are performing best in each metric!

Recurring Messages are Improved in Nurture SMS

The title and start date/time are pre-populated to save time when editing recurring messages.

New View for Tasks in the CRM

A new single task view was created to make viewing tasks faster and easier on any device.

Updated History View for Contacts

You can now view all history for any CRM contact with the click of a button! Just click ‘View All’ under any contact’s history to check it out.

Bug Fixes 🐞 in Nurture SMS to further improve recurring messages

Code Refactoring, Bug Fixes, and Some Other Highly Nerdy Improvements

On top of the features and improvements listed above, there was much work done behind-the-scenes on things you’ll probably never know were in need of improving.

May 20, 2020

Set The Timezone in Settings > Business Information

Access timezone settings alongside other Business Information so apps like SMS can correctly schedule and send messages when you expect.

Intelligence App New Feature 🔥 Compare Data Over Two Time Periods

Period Reports are a brand new page in the Intelligence app. They allow you to look at data from all your apps and compare between two different time periods.

Filter Presets with Year-to-Date and Month-to-Date Ranges

Filtering date ranges in apps like Intelligence, Ads, and Content is important to understanding what works and what doesn’t. Now, choose from the presets Year-to-Date and Month-to-Date to make it even faster.

View Budget & Fuel Spent Data for Ads Campaigns

Track how many ad credits you’re spending on campaigns overall or in a specific campaign drill down. You can see this data in the Campaigns List details alongside impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Using Safari? Update MacOS & Safari to Latest Versions for Nurture Email Access

The way the Safari browser works with the Nurture Email app is quite particular. It works best when your MacOS and Safari versions are updated to the most recent version.

Need Help? Visit Your Dashboard to Access Online Support

The dashboard support section articles were getting a little stale, so we replaced it with a friendlier way for users to get the help they need from our Customer Success team.

Products Toggled Visible Display Correctly in the Navigation

In Settings, you can view the different apps you want visible on your dashboard and main navigation.

Bug Fix 🐞 CRM Source, Type, and Status Filter Correctly

There were a few bugs around the way the Source, Type, and Status were filtering in the CRM. Those are fixed now!

A Lot Of 🐞 Fixes & Subtle Changes

Things the human eye wouldn’t even notice… unless it still wasn’t working. But that’s why we fixed it! Rest easy.

May 13, 2020

Compare Ads In Different Date Ranges

Customize SMS Welcome Message

Adjust Mobile Styles For Ad Campaigns And Campaign Drill Downs

Provide Better Setup Step Tracking For In-App Guides

Current Calendar Date Outlines In Blue

View A Single CRM Task

Refresh Email List Names In The CRM

Delete Field Mapping For An Email Notification

Schedule Meeting On Dashboard With A Dedicated Team Member

Hide Menu Items From Users Without Proper Permissions

CTA When There Are No Forms Created

Adding Account Name To Page Meta Title

Add Close Button To Notifications Drawer

View City, State/Province/Territory, and Country When Searching Locations

Add, Claim or Edit Canadian Locations

Adjust Description For Business Information

Move Add/Edit Business Pages Into Settings > Business Info

A Lot Of 🐞Fixes & Subtle Changes - Just a Few Worth Noting

🐞Reset Page Number When Searching Ad Campaigns

🐞Content Keywords Pagination Totals Off By One

🐞Resolve Contact Details During File Uploads

🐞Use UTC For Deals/Projects Closing Dates

🐞Show Errors When Claiming An Existing Business

April 29, 2020

Activate an American Bar Association Widget

Starting on May 1, members of the American Bar Association can activate an ABA-branded Top Rated Local® widget ($300/year) to build trust and credibility with new and potential clients.

Set Up Text Message Marketing In 2 Quick Steps

Get started with the SMS part of the Nurture app in just two quick steps: choose a primary keyword and start your first campaign. We’ll walk you right through it with our friendly setup wizard.

Send a Text Campaign to All Contacts

Sometimes it’s important to send a series of texts to all of your contacts at the same time. You can do that now when you send a campaign. In the list drop down, select [All Contacts] and be on your way.

April 22, 2020

See Those Paid Campaigns? They’re Working!

All of your hard-earned paid ad dollars are put to work in these Campaigns. Now you can see the activity about who sees, engages, and — ultimately — converts on your paid ads. Measure that against the costs of the ads to see what works and what doesn’t. Check it out as a whole in the Overview graph, or break it down to the details for each unique campaign. The data is all yours.

In-App Guides 🧭

In-App Guides… like Clippy, but more helpful and less cute. These sleek guides help you through the important parts of getting started, such as creating a Top Rated Local® location or customizing the CRM, or highlight new features so you earn expert status right away. Have a Guide request? Send it to our Customer Success team!

Putting the Dedicated Team to Work

Just because it’s software doesn’t mean our team isn’t here for you every step of the way. The Dedicated Team info now displays on the Start screens and Setup Wizards so we can practice social distancing and still be there for you.

CRM List Contacts - Counting Made Easier

Quickly identify just how many contacts are in each CRM list with this new update to the screen when you edit lists.

New Moves on the App Bar

The App Bar that handles all of the navigation has fun new animations. It’s been practicing and wants to show them off to you.

Plus, Bug Fixes

We won’t go into the details, but the app should now work smoother when it comes to budgets, billing, and pages loading. As always, reach out to our Customer Success team if the app isn’t working right for you (or the way you expect it to). We’re all ears.

April 15, 2020

View the Total Number of SMS Contacts

With a quick visual, you can see how many total contacts are subscribed to your SMS Marketing on the Contacts page.

Add an SMS Signature

Add your business name as a signature on every text message so your customers know exactly who is texting so they can act faster.

Send SMS to All Contacts

You’ll now see an option to send messages to all contacts instead of those only in specific lists. If they’ve subscribed, they’ll get the message.

No More SMS Character Limit

The SMS app in Marketing 360® will no longer cut you off at 160 characters. Instead, it’ll work with cell phone providers to separate long messages into multiple texts. You’ll still see a character count and a message page count so you know what your subscribers will receive.

No Dedicated Team? We're Still Here For You

If you don’t see a photo on the Dedicated Team panel in Marketing 360®, don’t worry too much. We’re still here to be your partner. Go ahead and nudge your team to add a picture of themselves to the platform so you can see their beautiful face.

Sticky Global App Bar

The app bar in Marketing 360® will stick at the top of your screen when you scroll down long pages in the app. This means easier navigation access to other apps, accounts, and your profile settings from anywhere.

Clearer Listings Messaging

The Listings app updated a few screens to make it easier to understand what’s happening on your account. When your location is no longer connected, you’ll see a new screen inviting you to connect a new or different location. You’ll also see a new screen if your location is Pending approval to sync to Listings.

Waze Ads Template in Banner Builder

The Creative Banner Builder now has preset sizes just right for Waze advertising on Waze.

  • Standard Banner (608×240)
  • Wide Banner (788×240)
  • Brand Icon (152×112)

Access your Marketing 360 Account Number for Better Support

If you ever need help from our SWAT tech team, you can report the A1 number back to us. You can view this number in your Accounts list and under your Business Info in the settings.

April 8, 2020

Dedicated Team Panel

The Dedicated Team panel always displays the most direct way to get in touch with the team, whether that’s your personal Marketing Consultant, Marketing Executive, or access to online support.

Title Field is No Longer Required/Available for Text Messages

The SMS app within Nurture no longer requires or offers the “Title” field as part of creating new messages. This makes sending texts easier and less confusing.

Update Listings Setup Wizard

When setting up the Listings app, you can select from any of the locations currently connected to your account or create a new one within the setup wizard.

Other Helpful Notes

  • See the CRM contact fields you have in use and hide the ones you don’t
  • Set up and access email within the Nurture app right away, even if you don’t want to set up the SMS part yet
  • Log out if you want to!
  • Add new Top Rated Local® locations from the Business Info page in Settings
  • Update permission access to your current level or less, but you can’t give more access
  • Streamline the login workflow for brand new users so you can create and verify your info quickly and get to work faster

A Lot Happening in the Background

Madwire’s SWAT team is working hard in the background to fix a lot of things you probably won’t even notice but that will make the app work a lot better.

March 30, 2020

View Content Tasks Completed by Our Team

When you spend Content Credits, our dedicated team tracks how each dollar is spent toward your content marketing & SEO strategy. View the full list of tasks completed on the Content Strategy page.

Unlock New Features with a Phone Call

Features and apps inside Marketing 360® may not be unlocked for your current subscription. You can chat with your dedicated team, or call us for the first time if you want to activate and unlock a new app.

February 27, 2020

More apps are live!

More apps are live today!

  • Forms

  • Content

  • Ads – Overview

  • Intelligence – Leads & Sales Inbox

  • Intelligence – Click-to-Calls

February 19, 2020

Marketing 360® Version 3.0 is Live!

After more than a year of development, the third version of Marketing 360® is live for all new clients! Welcome to the new era of helping small businesses grow.

  • CRM

  • Nurture (Email/SMS)

  • Creative

  • Reputation

  • Listings

  • Files

  • Calendar

  • Help & Support

  • Settings

Roles & Permissions

User: As a user, you will be able to access and use all apps and features. You can’t access product level settings or global account settings, and you can’t delete stuff in the app. You also can’t see credit balances or any billing information.

Manager: As a manager, you will be able to access and use all apps and settings per app. But you won’t be able to access the global settings or any billing info/credit balances.

Owner: The owner can access all apps, app settings, and global account settings. You have master control over the account, including billing info. There can be multiple people with the Owner status on an account. All the power!